Hotel Schemas – Less is NOT more

With so many distractions when a potential guest research for a hotel, any additional piece of information could mean everything. Imagine you’ve shortlisted a hotel you’d like to explore further, typed in the hotel name into Google, and the following results appear. Continue reading Hotel Schemas – Less is NOT more

Automation with Python

It has been awhile since my last blog post as I’ve been busy learning a new skill. I’m a digital experience account manager, and my job is to help my clients succeed in acquiring direct hotel bookings (and ancillary revenue) via the digital space. Comparing with the print media, the main difference working in the digital world is that most of the tools we’re using involves digital data (of course!). As a strong believer of “do once and use forever,” I’m constantly looking for ways to automate things I do often. Naturally, I’ve started to learn programming again.

Web Scraping with Python: Collecting Data from the Modern Web by Ryan MitchellLearning to program is nothing new to me. I’ve started my career as developer, coding with Java, HTML, CSS and eventually PHP many years back before I became a project manager. Learning a new programming language, Python, is relatively easy; all I need is a couple Python guide-book and Google. The book which started my journey is Web Scraping with Python: Collecting Data from the Modern Web by Ryan Mitchell. Continue reading Automation with Python

Hotelier – Be your guests’ best local guide, digitally

I can still remember my experience with a hotel in Taipei, Taiwan. We were looking for a certain gift. As that was my maiden trip, we were not sure where to find it. The obvious option was to ask the hotel’s front-desk. The front-desk staff not only answered my questions readily but went the extra mile. The staff ran through, with a simplified map, many interesting locations we should cover and even suggested a few itineraries (e.g. go to this place first, take train to this other place, have lunch at this café and so on). In the end, the trip was much enjoyable to get local insight; and, eventually, we had a very good experience with the hotel.

My point here is this. I believe most hotels’ staff, typically locals or has lived locally for some time, are more than knowledgeable and willing to help their guests to enjoy their trip. Yet, this knowledge is left untapped; at least from a digital marketing point of view.  Continue reading Hotelier – Be your guests’ best local guide, digitally

How to De-Register Car in Singapore

As mentioned in my earlier post, I have recently de-registered my car. Even though there is a rather good write-up of the process, I thought I can give some insights with my experience for you to decide whether to do it yourself or to engage a third-party agent (see below for when to engage a third-party). There are generally two ways of de-registering your car. First, if your car is still in a good condition, you can consider to export the car. Secondly, if your car isn’t in the condition, the only way might be to scrap it. I’m sharing my experience for the later.

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Cost of a car in Singapore (Updated)

I’ve just scrapped my car which I have bought it on the 29th of December 2013. I have published an article last year about how I recorded a year’s related expenses and how much it cost to own a car in Singapore. As of today, I’ve driven the car for 2 years, 2 months and 7 days, and I’m interested to know how the numbers adds-up.

Once you own a car, there are a few costs that, even if you don’t use the car, you would have to pay for it. Below is a list of them and how much it cost me last year.

Car Depreciation – $20,645.12
[ (Total cost of the car – the minimum PARF benefits) / total number of months ] x 12 months.
Insurance – $3,067.22
This cost varies with different cars, owner’s driving experience and many other factors.
Loan Interest – $900.18
Unless you pay the car in full cash, you would definitely incur interest for your car loan.
Road Tax – $1,288
Again, this costs differs based on the car models. Continue reading Cost of a car in Singapore (Updated)