Search Engine Optimisation with Social Media

How Social Media helps with SEO.

Gone were the days where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a responsibility of the IT department. As soon as marketers starts to understand that SEO is an important factor to an organisation’s baseline, they will soon come to realise that Social media is just as important. Yes, if you’re still missing from the fact that Social Media is no longer a growing trend or a temporary crossing fad. Here is why you should put a serious thought into Social Media.

Google Search Ranking now pay more attention to Social Media

Like any software which tend to release upgrades now and then. Google is just the same where they constantly upgrade their search algorithm to bring quality search results to end users. Recently, which just happened around April, they have released a new updates which they called it Panda (they always name their updates with animal names).

As its predecessors, nobody knows exactly how the updates affect how Google ranks a particular web page. Although they did release some guidelines, there is much speculation that Google now pays much attention to Social Media to give website credibility.

As what Mr. Herman Dias has written in his blog, he recommends putting social media to work for you as he predicts the next wave of Panda updates.

Google has started giving social media a lot of importance. It rewards sites that incorporate the core SEO principles and social media strategies by ranking them on page one and keeping them there. In fact, I think last year was the start of the cleanup process by Google. So if you think you got away without incorporating social media to rank on Google, you’d better make the change now or you may be surprised.

Never depend on Search Engine alone

You might have a steady flow of leads from Google as your search ranking might be doing well. Everything is doing well until suddenly you find that the number of people coming to your website has drop significantly. You go to Google search and realise that your website link might have dropped to page two and beyond.

There are many reasons that this happen. Be it that the new search algorithm that Google have rolled out or that your competitors are doing a good job at their own SEO. No matter what the reason is, you’re in trouble now. In a panic, you start to venture into other means to bring more leads into your website. This is when you start to create an account in twitter or create a page in Facebook trying to reach out to people. But is this all too late?

One day, you might just share the same fate as one of those 12% web sites affected by the new Panda change as stated in the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog. If you depend on search engine too much, one day you’ll suffer if your search ranking drops. Make a smart move to spread your risk by venturing into social media early. As it takes time for social media to start bringing your business, it’s never too early to start building your network or engage with people.

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