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In a time when maintaining a car is just too expensive in Singapore; I was on a constant lookout for an alternative to drive a car. One day, I was waiting at a bus-stop when I saw a bus advertisement on car sharing. Enticed with what I saw, I immediately took out my iPhone and go to the URL stated on the bus.

The advertisement was from a company who offers a relatively new type of car rental scheme. This scheme makes car rental easier by allowing a member to book a car anytime through on-line booking and pick up the car at the many pick-up points all over Singapore. All I have to do is to sign up as a member online through its website – how convenient.

All I have to do was to sign up as a member and I could start driving the next day. However, instead of signing up, I started “Googling” to see if I can find other competitors, which might be offering better pick-up location or pricing. To make the story short, I did eventually sign up for the scheme but with another vendor due to better location.

Does this pattern sound familiar to you? The pattern of wanting to buy something but just want to do some research using search-engines before making the final decision?

It is important for marketers to know that almost 86% percent of consumers say that search engines are very important in the buying process according to Courtney Rubin.

As Google can offer a huge amount of information on any product or service to anyone at anytime, it’s a double-edged sword to any marketing effort. The information displayed could be a positive feedback or a negative comparison with your competitors. With that in mind, the key question now is not about how to prevent cynical sentiment but on how we can monitor and react to it accordingly.

The solution is easy. Since Google can give information to consumer about a particular product or service, it can also give prompt notification when they pick up information that you want to track on the internet. It is the Google Alert.

Google Alerts

Upon signing up to the Google Alert, you can set a notification, either a daily, weekly, or when it happens; sent to you in an email on a particular thing, you want to monitor. Now, sit back and let Google Alert to tell you of any new updates on the internet that you would like to know.

In addition, other than informing you of your product or service, you can stay informed of the most recent happening on a particular topic that is of interest to you. For example, you can create a daily alert on “Branding” or “Social Media” so as not to miss out any latest happening on the internet.

That’s all for now, if you have anything to share on how to stay informed of your product or service’s online presence, please, by all means, leave a comment below. Thanks!

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