Content Marketing Part 1 – The Content Marketing Rises

From my earlier post on “Content has always been King”, I mentioned the growing trend of content marketing. It was a little brief, and I thought I could elaborate it further. In fact, I was planning to break the topic down into a few parts to make it easier for you to read (and for me to write).

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You see, creating content has been around since 4,200 B.C., claimed Content Marketing Institute, which the first sign of custom publishing was found in cave paintings. Since then, it has taken endless form of disguises and aliases. So what is all the fuss about content marketing now?

History of digital media

In order to answer this, we need to look back in time to appreciate how challenging it was to create and distribute content. Not to mention that it takes a whole department of journalist, writers and editors to create content. They have to print a massive amount of copies, due to high overhead per print run, and distribute them across the country before it lands in the hands of a faithful reader.

During this period of time, businesses depend heavily on publishers to advertise their product and services. It was seen as an effective way to create awareness… and they do not have much choice to begin with.

It was when the internet and (not long after) the search engine came along. This dynamic duo have made it easier for consumers to find products and services that they need. And the time of digital advertising or marketing has begun.

Just when businesses are exploring the new alternative of using the internet, another trend starts to emerge. Build upon our desire to share content and stay connected, social media is born and eventually dominated our time when we’re online. As such, businesses see this as yet another opportunity to reach their end consumers. Once again, they start to join the bandwagon of social media marketing, and they live happily ever after? Well, not really.

It is getting too complicated

It is only a matter of time when marketers and business owners start to realise that it is just getting all too fragmented and complicated. They get to understand that it is impossible to put a limited amount of resources into so many and ever-changing ways of marketing online. Be it search engine optimisation, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Mobile App, LinkedIn and the list can go on and on.

Just have to focus on content

Looking from another perspective, worrying how many likes for each post on Facebook or re-tweets on Twitter are not going to bring you anywhere. Eventually, the thing that garners likes or re-tweets is, and is to be emphasised, the content itself. If you know what content your target audience is interested, focus on creating them. Once you have the content in place, you can re-use them over and over again. It can also be re-packaged and distributed into all the various social media platform. Got it?

Lastly, I believe the final nudge for content marketing to come into the spotlight lately has been from Google. Like I have mentioned in my earlier post on Search Engine Optimisation with Social Media, Google has recently changed their search algorithm — it now places more attention on quality content and not back links. In another word, you only have to focus on creating quality content on your website, and your search ranking is bound to improve.

Other than search engine optimisation, there are many other benefits a business can gain from just focusing on having a good content development strategy and marketing. That is what I will be focusing on in part 2 of my content marketing series.

In the meantime, don’t forget to drop me a comment below to share your experience with content marketing or things that I have missed out. Thanks in advance!

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