Beach party and social media – a perfect match!

I was heading to Sentosa’s Tanjong Beach (in Singapore) for a friend’s birthday last Saturday. Upon reaching, we realized that part of the beach got cordoned off for an event and we decided to crash in. The setting was very much like a beach party where babes in bikinis were walking around, music was playing in background and beers were everywhere. Perfect.

We found a place and settled down. Soon enough, a young lady approached us. She handed us a card which distinctively displayed: “I’m not a TOURIST. I live here leh!” and started explaining how it works:

    1. Using your Instagram account, take a photo with your friends and display this card prominently.
    2. Upon publishing the photo, include the hashtag #notatouristsg.
    3. Once published, stand a chance to win a $500 Singtel voucher.

Simple enough, coupled with the fun of it, we took the photo and did exactly as told.

Group shot with #notatrouistsg

Voila! Willingly, we did a favour to advertise for them. Not only was it shown to my Instagram followers, I have also shared it in my Twitter (with almost 600 followers back then) and Facebook (200+ friends) account. Each photo I have shared on Facebook had garnered a few “likes” from my Facebook friends which in turn might have spread to my friends’ network as well. This is the power of social media and events. It creates a strong viral effect.

Do note that the photo was among the hundreds of photos taken and published that evening. Here is another, I’ve taken.

Individual shot with #notatouristsg

In order to create more interaction with the crowd, Singtel even setup a booth for anyone to come and someone (hidden in the booth) will draw a portrait of you! Here is a photo of the portrait of my wife and me. Notice that each piece of drawings comes with a strip underneath that showcases the Singtel brand.

Portrait Drawings for my wife and I

Last but not least, here is the best photo we’ve taken at the event which has garnered lots of likes both in my Instagram and Facebook account. What do you think?

Best shot of the night!

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