Are Singapore marketers ignoring content marketing?

Are Singapore marketers ignoring content marketing?

Are Singapore marketers ignoring content marketing?I have recently contributed a commentary about content marketing here in Singapore on Singapore Business Review (SBR). This article was written after I did a search in SBR, and find it weird to realize that there is no article or comment about “content marketing”. Even though content marketing had already made its grand entrance into the marketing world (or at least in the west), it seems that it has not gain much traction here in Singapore yet.

While I was active in the Twitter community since early this year, most of the trend people was discussing back then was all about Social Media Marketing. There was all this rants about how to gain likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter or how to market your businesses in social media. As things were getting a little boring, there it was – a subtle yet quick transition in the trend.

It was not until early August that I started noticing people shouting “Content is King!” The era of content marketing has begun… or at least a rebirth. I mean it wasn’t hard to know that content marketing has always been around; just that it has taken an endless form of disguises and aliases.

For the context, what business owners or marketers should know is that content marketing is a type of inbound marketing. It is a strategy that focuses on attracting business by creating useful and engaging content surrounding the product or service you sell. And just to emphasize, the keyword is “surrounding”; not the usual shout out of how good your product or service is. Got it?

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