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Last week was an exciting week for me. It was a week that marks a new beginning for me as I have joined AdBox Advertising as a Business Development Manager. As I was told, before I took up the job, my key goal is to spear head a new business solution. A solution that help businesses look pass today’s complex and ever-changing communication channels, and to focus on meaningful engagement with their customers.

Frankly speaking, I wasn’t exactly clear what this business solution is all about. Until my first week at work, I finally get a glimpse of what this solution is all about.

AdBox 1to1 MarketingAdBox 1to1 Marketing, as the name speaks for itself, is to take customer communications towards a personalized level and in the right channel. This is a customized marketing solution that is way finer and powerful than usual.

Typically, a mass direct mailer will only allow marketers to customize the name of the addressee, company name or some other text-based changes. On top of that, most software in the market will track the mailer’s effectiveness by churning out response rate or conversion rate and that is all. There is no real interest or capabilities to know more about your client or to engage with them. And this is the key reason most marketers find direct marketing ineffective – people hits the delete button or to throw the mailer the moment they find a slightest hint that the email irrelevant or insincere.

According to the following figure extracted from the 2010 Caslon PODi report: a worldwide compilation of the response rates recorded by different industries for specific marketing activities. They illustrate the efficiency of 1to1 Marketing by clearly showing the difference between using a static approach versus a personalised one. And for the record, response rates was defined as when a prospect provides information that signals acceptance of an offer or interest having further contact with the marketer.

Response rates for static and personalised campaign

With this in mind, AdBox’s 1to1 Marketing solution is capable of

  1. Grabbing Attention – Outbound, eye-catching, direct mail–grabs attention, provides the right tone and drives recipients to respond via the web
  2. Interacting – Using personalized micro sites to interact with the responding recipients to validate date, collect data and conduct business exchange.
  3. Relevant targeting – Follow-up wave of outbound communication (direct mail and/or e-mail) based on analytics of the better data. Do up-selling and cross-selling.
  4. Following up – Follow-up their talks, their trends and their buzz or simply communicate information using social network and smart phone.

And with these in place, the benefits for businesses are

  1. Increase brand awareness – with a finely targeted and personalised approach to reach out to your target audience, it will make them feel that your services are premium and sincere.
  2. Improve customers’ experience – knowing that you’re there to interact and not just to send out mass advertorial mailers, customers experience will improve.
  3. Positive customer reaction – with an increase in brand awareness and customer experience, customer reaction is bound to be positive.
  4. Improve data collection – with more positive reaction from customer, that are more willing to share more about themselves. This in turn, improves on your data collection.
  5. Develop a customer centric approach – last but not least, with more data collected it is far easier to create a customer centric approach marketing than not.

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