6 LinkedIn Power Tactics

LinkedInWelcome to the world of LinkedIn where you potentially can reach out to more than 150 million professionals in the world, 13.6% of them are in Asia and 0.5 million of them resides in Singapore. These stats are scary to begin with, and it would be really hard to give it a miss.

I assume that you already have a profile on LinkedIn, and you have created a company page for your organization. You have all the information updated and you are ready to do some social media marketing.

In order to make your LinkedIn marketing campaign much smoother, it would be my pleasure to share these power tactics with you.

  • Join groups your potential client is interested
    Many marketers make the mistakes of joining groups related to their industry and to think that they are able to reach out to potential clients. I mean if you’re joining groups related to your own industries, I’m sure there are 80% of the group members selling the same thing like yours. Instead, think about which group your potential clients are interested.
  • Standardize profile photos among all employees
    You might start debating on whether the profiles of employees are theirs and not something you could control. But let’s think about it, if you’re able to persuade them and give them a photo shoot: professionally taken or self-taken in the office. The profile photo, once standardized and with your company logo featured at the back, will maximize the brand exposure of your company. It also makes your company look professional and trustworthy.
    Not to forget, the first point of contact on LinkedIn are the profile photo.
  • Be Active
    Good if you manage to connect with all the clients you know but they will soon forget about you. That is the reality. In order to make yourself heard, be active. Participates in group discussions and share useful articles to your network as well as your company page’s followers. Remember, the more you engage, the more you are useful to others, the more people will remember you. You don’t have to be on LinkedIn ten hours a day but just be consistent.
  • Expand your network
    Without said, the bigger your network, the bigger your reach will be. There are two avenues to expand your network without paying. First, use LinkedIn’s search function to find within your second degree connection and filter them according to who you’re looking for. Secondly, search within the groups you’ve joined. Most importantly, when you send them an introductory note, customize them and be sincere.
  • Send a direct mail
    If you find a potential lead you would like to connect but there was no response, send a personalized letter to that person. If you know which company the lead is working, do a search of the company’s address and mail it out with your lead’s name on it. Chances are, most companies will sort out the mails and hand it over to the recipient. Nothing beats receiving a personalized letter especially now that we are so swamped with emails.
  • Upgrade your account
    With ability to send an InMail message to anyone and better search capabilities, it is certainly going to make your reach faster and wider. Though you have to pay to enjoy such capabilities: at $60+ per month or $600+ per annum. Whether it is worth the investment, you make the judgment.

Let me know if it works for you or if you have any tips to share, please do so at the comment section. And not to forget, add me to your LinkedIn network at

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