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20121203-233758.jpgDo you still remember my post on having a compelling Brand Story? In that post, I talked about businesses, big or small, having a chance to shine if you have a story to tell; instead of focusing on what you’re selling or, even worse, how cheap your price can be.

Today, I have a story to tell. Not particularly my story, but an event that happened in a local food centre while I was eating my lunch last Saturday. It gave me a strong urge to write this down into my blog. Stories like this would normally go unheard, but today, I’m going to blog about it, to talk about it and promote the beauty of kindness over profit.

It happened during lunch time and I noticed that the tables were not cleaned up; probably the cleaners were unable to cope with the volume. There were used utensils laying all over the tables.

It all started when I saw this old lady trying to clear the table with one hand and another holding on to a tray with a bowl of hot soup. Before I could react and help, the soup fell over and spilled all over the floor. A few drops of it actually lands and scalded my feet! Alright, that is not the main point here. What amazed me was what happened next.

As the lady was embarrassed on what she did, with a helpless look on her face, she started cleaning up the mess with whatever she had. At this moment, the store owners and helpers started to come in and help. One of the store helper was persuading her not to touch anything as the cleaner was coming over and another came over to help her remove the spilt utensils away. To top it off, the store owner selling the soup quickly prepared another bowl of soup and placed it in front of her.

Can you imagine how grateful she was given that she was the one who have created the mess? I’m not sure about you but I’m touched by how the stall owners and helpers react. In my opinion, no matter how marvel your food is or how powerful your marketing strategy is, it will never beat a story of a spontaneous act of kindness. This is what I called business with a heart which small business should practice and definitely follow through when the business grow.

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