It is all about winning: Marketing or not.

A big congratulation to the Lions Team (Singapore international football team) to win the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012. This is the fourth time that Singapore has won this competition, and the last time that the lion city has won this title was 5 years ago: in the year 2007.


I admit that I am no longer a football fan ever since I broke my leg a few years ago during a friendly football match. But I can feel it; that Singaporeans do not pay much attention to Singapore’s football. Definitely not as before Singapore was kicked out from the Malaysian cup.

Things have started to change as it raise eyebrows when Singapore reaches the semi-finals. Slow but steady, people were starting to talk about it. It has been a long time since you notice Singaporean actually switched channels to watch Singapore vs Thailand in the finals. And when was the last time you see thousands of Singaporean gathered in front of a big screen to watch the live telecast of the Lions Team playing?

Photo: Yusuf Muhammad (FAS)
Photo: Yusuf Muhammad (FAS)

All these reminds me of the book I read a few years back by Jack Welch: Winning. As Jack Welch, explains, it’s all about winning. The whole world revolves around winners making great achievements. Companies brings together a team of winners to make sure that the company wins in certain aspect.

I believe that the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) has always put in their best. In promoting Singapore’s football in every which way but, without winning, nobody is going to pay attention to it. They have tons of other things to worry about in their live. It is about winning that we get to taste the chance to cheer, to gather, to be proud and to be united.

This reflects deeply into any another organizations. You can have the best advertisements but if the products you’re selling are not performing, if the sales rep is not closing sales and if the company isn’t capable of getting the funds for it to expand, nothing is going to work. Every aspect of a company, everyone in the company, has to win.

Nevertheless, a Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all my readers. Hope you have a wonderful and prosperous year ahead!

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