How social is Singapore? Part 1 – Hours spent on social media

Either you’re a B2C business owner or a marketer yourself, I’m certain that social media would have already been or was going to be part of the tool you use to reach out to your potential customers. Noticeably, we have seen an increase in marketing budget on, new job position for and many promising results on how business gain its market penetration through social media. But, out of curiosity, just how social are we Singaporeans?

With this question in mind, I’ve spent almost two days researching and digesting the data I’ve found. Trying my best to keep things simple, I’ve split the information I’ve got into a three part series so you could zoom in to the information you need.

  • On the first part, I would find out how many hours Singaporeans spend on Social Media each day.
  • Second part, which social media was Singaporean’s preferred network.
  • Lastly, the third part would include more findings and statistics of the various social media platform before a conclusion.


Before we begin, it’s important to understand the demographic of Singapore. Most of the statistics below are based on data compiled on 2010 & 2011 and Singapore residents aged 7 years & above. The best place to look for such data was to go to the Department of Statistics Singapore’s website.

As there wasn’t a number given for Singapore residents aged 7 years & above, I did some math and got the number of about 3.491 million and 3.518 million for the year 2010 and 2011 respectively. For simplicity sake, I’m would be using 3.5 million as the number of Singapore residents aged 7 years & above for my research.

Infrastructure and habits

Nevertheless, the pre-requisite for anyone to get access to the social media was for one to have access to a computer and a connection to the internet. As such, a good place to find such information was on the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore’s website. Here were some facts I’ve found:

  • In 2010, about 71% of residents (aged 7 years and above) used the Internet.
  • About 68% of residents used the Internet at least once a day
  • Of the internet users, 71% spent an average of 1 hour or more per Internet session.

To break this down further, I also found out that 75% of the time spent on the Internet was for communication activities. The following graph zoomed in further on the activities done which were classified under communication activities. (Please note that this graph was for 2011)

Internet communication activities in Singapore

Amount of time spent on Social Media

I’m not a statistician, so I won’t be bothered with the complexity of the numbers. But with the given data above, I did a simple math to calculate just how much time Singaporean spent on the social media’s site per day.

If we know there were about 71% residents aged above 7 years above who used the Internet, then there were about 2.49 million people. Of which, there were about 2.38 million people who accesses the internet at least once a day.

Using the graph below, I’ve come up with the total number of hours Singaporean spent a day on the Internet; it totals up to be about 3.81 million hours.



Of the total amount of hours spent on the Internet a day, we know that about 75% was spent on communication. That totals up to be about 2.79 million hours.

In order to dive in on the number of hours spent on social networking, there wasn’t any data given as a whole and for 2010. Thus, I did a re-calculation using the figures in the chart “Selected Primary Internet Activities by Age Group (2011) – Communication Activities” and found that 75% of the time spent on communications was on Social Networking. This amounts to be about 2 million hours a day, every day.

With that in mind, that was almost about 3.6% of time spent on social networking over the total number of hours that Singaporeans are awake (assuming they spend 8 hours a day to rest).

If we’re to zoom in to residents aged 15 to 34, the percentage of time spent on social networking over the total number of hours they are awake every day was 7%.


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