How social is Singapore? Part 2 – Which social media preferred

On the first part of the series, we now know the average amount of time Singaporeans spent on social networking. My next question in mind was which social media Singaporeans are using. As there isn’t any national level survey done on this, I would need to look elsewhere for the information.

My first stop was to visit StatCounter’s website for a quick glance on how Singaporeans was accessing the various social media websites. The method used by StatCounter was to analyse every page view referred by a social media site and summarize all this facts to get the information. This was the graph I’ve got.

Top 7 Social Media Stats on Jan 2013

Clearly, Facebook was the dominant social networking website that Singaporeans visits. In order to support this data further, I have gone to Alexa’s website to check the top 10 websites that Singaporeans accesses. After the first two spots that belong to Google, Facebook and YouTube was ranked 3rd and 4th respectively.  LinkedIn and Twitter was also among the top 10, ranked 8th and 10th respectively.

Using the given data from StatCounter and for the sake of estimating the number of hours Singaporeans spent on each Social Media. Also note that the graph above was generated based on January 2013 while the amount of hours Singaporeans spent on Social Networking was using 2011’s data.

As such, to keep the data as accurate as possible, I’ve generated another data based on 2011.

Top 7 Social Media Stats in 2011

Assuming a total of 2 million hours spent on social networking every day, the amount of time spent on:

  1. Facebook – 1,547 thousands of hours
  2. YouTube – 189  thousands of hours
  3. Twitter – 145 thousands of hours
  4. LinkedIn – 7 thousands of hours

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