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Singaporean Loves Staycation

At least from a Google search point of view.

I was browsing through Think with Google and the featured article “Staycations: The Most Popular Destination This Summer Is in Your Backyard” caught my eye. It is an infographic content and here are a few pointers I have summarized.

  • The data is United States centric.
  • There is an increase in 10% of searches in “Staycations” comparing with last year.
  • The search peaks in July.
  • Americans searched hotels that are near where they stay.

Since it is United States centric, this makes me wonder whether people who live in the Asia-Pacific region would have a similar search pattern. So I went over to Google Trends and start typing in “Staycation” in the search term and limit the data displayed within the past 12 months.

The graph shows somewhat similar pattern as per the article above; the search trend would peak in July. Next, I wanted to find out how it compares with Asia-Pacific but realize there isn’t an option to choose for “Asia-Pacific.” As I could only choose up to five countries, I decided to include United States, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Just before I added Singapore into the locations, this is what I see.

Apparently, the three Asia-Pacific countries that I’ve added don’t seem to have many searches on the term. Australia wasn’t even included in the graph at all.

When I add Singapore into the locations, the graph gave me a shock.

In comparison with the United States, the number of searches in Singapore actually dominates the graph. In fact, when comparing with the United States, Singaporean searches the term almost 100 times at some point. I thought this is an amazing find. If I were to plan for a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign or Search Engine Optimization for Singapore Hotels, I would definitely choose “Staycation” as one of the keyword mix.

Another thing I found from the graph, in terms of search volume, I found out that the number of searches spike during December to early January, March and June. Isn’t this period the school holidays of Singapore?

Following up from my idea on using “Staycation” as one of the keyword mix in PPC campaign, I went over to Google AdWords to find the search volume in Singapore. Here is what I found.

AdWords Search Volume

There were an average of 2,400 monthly searches and peaks in December. It also has a low competition rating.

I think I can say that Singaporeans are the King in staycation, do you agree?

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