It is all about winning: Marketing or not.

A big congratulation to the Lions Team (Singapore international football team) to win the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012. This is the fourth time that Singapore has won this competition, and the last time that the lion city has won this title was 5 years ago: in the year 2007.


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Business with a heart

20121203-233758.jpgDo you still remember my post on having a compelling Brand Story? In that post, I talked about businesses, big or small, having a chance to shine if you have a story to tell; instead of focusing on what you’re selling or, even worse, how cheap your price can be.

Today, I have a story to tell. Not particularly my story, but an event that happened in a local food centre while I was eating my lunch last Saturday. It gave me a strong urge to write this down into my blog. Stories like this would normally go unheard, but today, I’m going to blog about it, to talk about it and promote the beauty of kindness over profit. Continue reading Business with a heart

Club Med Phuket Part 2

Guest Officers (GOs)
Club Med's Guest OfficersI still find it amazing that every GOs have to do multiple roles in a day. You might see one of them teaching Golf lesson in the morning; perform a “Sun” dance near the pool at noon; play water polo with children after which; perform acrobats in the evening, and dance with you near the bar until wee hours. In the next morning, you see him again full of energy!

Club Med's GO teaching ArcheryI manage to have a small conversation with one of the GO. He mentioned that his typical working hours are from morning 9am until 1am in the evening. And he has to do it 6 days a week with only 1 day to rest. Good thing is, during the 1 day off duty he can choose to do anything he wants: be it to enjoy CM’s facilities or activities.

Club Med GO's performing a sun danceNevertheless, I really do appreciate that the efforts that the GO team put in to make sure that everyone enjoys their stay; no matter which age group or language you speak. I guess only CM can bring you GOs from 26 countries, and I am sure you can always find a GO who can communicate using your own mother tongue.

Night Activities
Club Med Night PerformanceAlso with a team of GOs coming from all over the world, you are sure to enjoy different cultures, personalities and performances. As the Sun sets, CM turns the atmosphere up a notch as it prepares for the night activities. A theme will be assigned to that night’s activity, and guests are encouraged to wear accordingly. During my stay, there was theme of white, Asian, etc.

Clubmed GO mimic Rihanna singing UmbrellaExpect to enjoy performances which differ each night. On my stay, I got to see performance from the mini club; acrobatic performance; and music night where they mimic various singers from various genre and time. On Saturday night, they even had a fireworks display right after the night performance. It was magical.

Club Med Night PartyAfter each night’s performance, there will be good music and party that goes on until 1am, too. Coupled with free flow cocktails and beer, it was really hard not to have lots of fun learning dance moves from the GOs: like the Gangnam style dance.

Beyond Club Med
Last but not least, if you’re bored within CM, there are plenty of things to do outside the resort. As we did not take part in the tour packages that you can sign up with CM, so I’m not in a good position to comment about them. One thing though, I just felt that it is kind of expensive.

Oriental Massage & SpaIt became a daily routine to explore the street. There is a massage parlor, Oriental Massage and Spa, just round the corner and near Ibis hotel was where we visits daily. Yes, we go for our massage everyday as you can get a good Thai massage for just 300 Baht (about S$12)! Why not, isn’t it?

ShoppingOther than massage, there are some shops just stone throw away where you can buy souvenirs, clothes and other stuff at a good price. We also tried the banana pancake along the road side which looks pretty much the same as our Singapore’s banana prata.

BeachNot to forget, there is a beautiful beach just right beside CM. There always has a security guard stationed there to help you cross a small road before reaching the beach. You definitely would not want to miss the beauty of the beach at sunset.

Sun SetSee Also Club Med Part 1

Club Med Phuket Part 1

I just came back from a five days and four night trip to Club Med (CM) Phuket with my wife. I have to say that I am pretty amazed with what I have experienced. Are you wondering whether to book CM Phuket as your next holiday trip? In this two-part series, I hope that you can find useful information that cannot be found on the official Club Med website.

Club Med Reception AreaAs a start, the key thing to know that CM provides are not just about the food, the amenities or the hotel room. What make CM special, in my humble opinion, are the personal touch and the international cultural experience. It is about the people who matters the most. This experience is one that you do not typically get from others.

Clubmed roomWith that said, do not expect a five-star hotel room when you check-in. You will soon realize that the TV within the room is out-dated, the shower room is tiny and the entire room decor looks old. But don’t get me wrong, the room is modest but is still clean and comfortable to get some rest. After all, the excitement is beyond the room! Continue reading Club Med Phuket Part 1

This is my First Post using WordPress

Oh yeah, this is my first post using WordPress!

Cheers to my first post!

I’ve used Drupal since year 2006 to record my personal blog post. Over the years, I’ve blogged many posts on my experience, ups and downs, happy moments and rants.

After taking over the accounts manager role of my company, I’ve garnered a huge interest in Branding. On my route to understand Branding, I’ve come to understand that Branding is only the tip of an iceberg. Under the umbrella topic of Branding, there are many underlying studies, school of thoughts, techniques and channels to promote and communicate Branding.

I have also ventured heavily into the social media, especially Twitter where I got to know and learn from many great “influencer” in the topic of Branding.

This has inspired me start a professional blog to discuss and, hopefully, to connect with more people, discuss with them and exchange ideas.

Thus, I’ve started this blog post using WordPress. If you’re wondering why I’ve chosen WordPress instead. I guess Drupal is good but might be too complicated for me to just write. I think WordPress is much simpler and aligned to blogging.

Nevertheless, there are still many things to configure in this blog site. So, see you around. I’m off to work now. Cheers!