Hotelier – Be your guests’ best local guide, digitally

I can still remember my experience with a hotel in Taipei, Taiwan. We were looking for a certain gift. As that was my maiden trip, we were not sure where to find it. The obvious option was to ask the hotel’s front-desk. The front-desk staff not only answered my questions readily but went the extra mile. The staff ran through, with a simplified map, many interesting locations we should cover and even suggested a few itineraries (e.g. go to this place first, take train to this other place, have lunch at this café and so on). In the end, the trip was much enjoyable to get local insight; and, eventually, we had a very good experience with the hotel.

My point here is this. I believe most hotels’ staff, typically locals or has lived locally for some time, are more than knowledgeable and willing to help their guests to enjoy their trip. Yet, this knowledge is left untapped; at least from a digital marketing point of view.  Continue reading Hotelier – Be your guests’ best local guide, digitally

Coca-Cola is at the forefront of content marketing

Coca-Cola Content 2020 Part One

I’m jealous to see a mammoth company, Coca-Cola, to have all the budget and resources to build a content marketing strategy so huge that average people/organisation like us can only dream about. Can’t deny that they are a globally recognised brand, operating in over 200 countries, and bring in around $50 billion in revenue every year. Continue reading Coca-Cola is at the forefront of content marketing

Are Singapore marketers ignoring content marketing?

Are Singapore marketers ignoring content marketing?I have recently contributed a commentary about content marketing here in Singapore on Singapore Business Review (SBR). This article was written after I did a search in SBR, and find it weird to realize that there is no article or comment about “content marketing”. Even though content marketing had already made its grand entrance into the marketing world (or at least in the west), it seems that it has not gain much traction here in Singapore yet.

While I was active in the Twitter community since early this year, most of the trend people was discussing back then was all about Social Media Marketing. There was all this rants about how to gain likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter or how to market your businesses in social media. As things were getting a little boring, there it was – a subtle yet quick transition in the trend. Continue reading Are Singapore marketers ignoring content marketing?

3 tips to a powerful content marketing plan

Previously, we talked about what are the benefits of fusing content marketing into your business. And we talked about why it has become the most talked about topic lately. Well, I guess it is time to stop talking, roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty; here are three tips to keep you busy.

Set Goals
The biggest mistake to start content marketing, or any marketing tactics, is not knowing the goal. Not knowing where to begin with? Fret not. You can consider looking at what others have done by referring to Holger Schulze report on his survey on 2012 B2B content marketing trends he did on LinkedIn.

According to his report, 68% of the respondent said lead generation was the main goal for content marketing, followed by 50% on thought leadership and market education and 39% on brand awareness. In terms of metrics used, 64% on web traffic, 59% on views and downloads and 52% on lead quantity and quality. Continue reading 3 tips to a powerful content marketing plan