What it takes to be successful in direct marketing

1-to-1-MarketingThis post originally appeared on the Singapore Business Review, where I regularly contributes articles about branding, advertising and marketing.

Are you one of the many Singaporeans who receive physical or electronic mail only to thrash or delete it without a second thought?

You’re not alone; the majority of us simply disregard such materials as junk – mere inconveniences of life.

Much of today’s direct or electronic mailers are lost amidst an overload of generic communications and this has become a familiar issue in modern direct marketing techniques. Continue reading What it takes to be successful in direct marketing

Personalized direct marketing works

Last week was an exciting week for me. It was a week that marks a new beginning for me as I have joined AdBox Advertising as a Business Development Manager. As I was told, before I took up the job, my key goal is to spear head a new business solution. A solution that help businesses look pass today’s complex and ever-changing communication channels, and to focus on meaningful engagement with their customers.

Frankly speaking, I wasn’t exactly clear what this business solution is all about. Until my first week at work, I finally get a glimpse of what this solution is all about.

AdBox 1to1 MarketingAdBox 1to1 Marketing, as the name speaks for itself, is to take customer communications towards a personalized level and in the right channel. This is a customized marketing solution that is way finer and powerful than usual. Continue reading Personalized direct marketing works