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I am a husband, a photography enthusiast and an Account Manager of Sabre Hospitality Solution.

Professionally, I devote myself to help my client look pass today’s complex and ever-changing communication channels, and focus on meaningful engagement with their customers.

But what makes me today comes from the wonderful journey I had in my career so far.

Graduated with a Diploma in Computer Engineering, I had a good understanding of the underlying technology that makes digital communications possible. Briefly, I did my internship as a web developer before I got enlisted into the Army as part of my national service.

Realizing the need to fully utilizes my time in the Army, I started enriching myself. Inspired by the book “Poor Dad Rich Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, I am intrigued on how business creates wonders. That was when I took my initiative in taking up Accounting study while serving my national service.

Why Accounting instead of Business study? Well, it is more of a preference. I prefer to see business from something tangible and result-oriented, and nothing is more measurable from the numbers itself.

Nevertheless, I got my first job as a web developer in an agency. Soon enough, since I’m studying Accounting, I proposed to my boss that I would like to help with the accounting/book-keeping. That was on top of my job scope as a web developer. I am well aware that it would increase my workload… with no salary increment.

This decision had propelled my understanding in business significantly. Not only have I developed an accounting software for the company; I had also put in much effort and initiative to understand the agency from the numbers perspective. This understanding and a series of improvements I had implemented to the business had earned me a promotion to become a project manager.

My new role had me completely ‘soaked’ in the marketing and digital industry since – understanding the fundamentals of the entire development and production cycle. Further down my career, I have undergone advance training to be a certified project management professional (PMP). This allows me to better manage the various stakeholders of a project, and project of different scale for different client in different industries.

Over the years, I have seen how technology has evolved and how it changes the way businesses operates. More importantly it has honed my business acumen in understanding of how companies, no matter how small or how big, outperform their competitors using technology.

Be it a small business or a multi-national company. Be it in the private or the public sector. Be it a simple task or complex campaign. Big goals are achieved through conscious day-to-day’s effort.

My philosophy – there is no problem, merely challenges – keeps me looking forward to what challenge life has for me. Fascinated with what I do, I pen my thoughts in this blog. Hoping like-minded people like you can find something useful.

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