This is my First Post using WordPress

Oh yeah, this is my first post using WordPress!

Cheers to my first post!

I’ve used Drupal since year 2006 to record my personal blog post. Over the years, I’ve blogged many posts on my experience, ups and downs, happy moments and rants.

After taking over the accounts manager role of my company, I’veĀ garneredĀ a huge interest in Branding. On my route to understand Branding, I’ve come to understand that Branding is only the tip of an iceberg. Under the umbrella topic of Branding, there are many underlying studies, school of thoughts, techniques and channels to promote and communicate Branding.

I have also ventured heavily into the social media, especially Twitter where I got to know and learn from many great “influencer” in the topic of Branding.

This has inspired me start a professional blog to discuss and, hopefully, to connect with more people, discuss with them and exchange ideas.

Thus, I’ve started this blog post using WordPress. If you’re wondering why I’ve chosen WordPress instead. I guess Drupal is good but might be too complicated for me to just write. I think WordPress is much simpler and aligned to blogging.

Nevertheless, there are still many things to configure in this blog site. So, see you around. I’m off to work now. Cheers!