It is all about winning: Marketing or not.

A big congratulation to the Lions Team (Singapore international football team) to win the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012. This is the fourth time that Singapore has won this competition, and the last time that the lion city has won this title was 5 years ago: in the year 2007.


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Business with a heart

20121203-233758.jpgDo you still remember my post on having a compelling Brand Story? In that post, I talked about businesses, big or small, having a chance to shine if you have a story to tell; instead of focusing on what you’re selling or, even worse, how cheap your price can be.

Today, I have a story to tell. Not particularly my story, but an event that happened in a local food centre while I was eating my lunch last Saturday. It gave me a strong urge to write this down into my blog. Stories like this would normally go unheard, but today, I’m going to blog about it, to talk about it and promote the beauty of kindness over profit. Continue reading Business with a heart

6 LinkedIn Power Tactics

LinkedInWelcome to the world of LinkedIn where you potentially can reach out to more than 150 million professionals in the world, 13.6% of them are in Asia and 0.5 million of them resides in Singapore. These stats are scary to begin with, and it would be really hard to give it a miss.

I assume that you already have a profile on LinkedIn, and you have created a company page for your organization. You have all the information updated and you are ready to do some social media marketing.

In order to make your LinkedIn marketing campaign much smoother, it would be my pleasure to share these power tactics with you. Continue reading 6 LinkedIn Power Tactics

Coca-Cola is at the forefront of content marketing

Coca-Cola Content 2020 Part One

I’m jealous to see a mammoth company, Coca-Cola, to have all the budget and resources to build a content marketing strategy so huge that average people/organisation like us can only dream about. Can’t deny that they are a globally recognised brand, operating in over 200 countries, and bring in around $50 billion in revenue every year. Continue reading Coca-Cola is at the forefront of content marketing

10 power tips to get your 2013 marketing plan started

10 power tips to get your 2013 marketing plan startedAs mentioned in my earlier post, I have recently joined AdBox as an account manager focused on bringing in new business for my advertising agency. Nevertheless, I have spent the past few weeks meeting various stakeholders in the agency, and am working on a marketing plan for the year 2013.

Are you planning for your marketing effort for the year 2013 as well? I guess you are. Therefore, I’ve prepared a checklist below for you to get started. Continue reading 10 power tips to get your 2013 marketing plan started