3 tips to a powerful content marketing plan

Previously, we talked about what are the benefits of fusing content marketing into your business. And we talked about why it has become the most talked about topic lately. Well, I guess it is time to stop talking, roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty; here are three tips to keep you busy.

Set Goals
The biggest mistake to start content marketing, or any marketing tactics, is not knowing the goal. Not knowing where to begin with? Fret not. You can consider looking at what others have done by referring to Holger Schulze report on his survey on 2012 B2B content marketing trends he did on LinkedIn.

According to his report, 68% of the respondent said lead generation was the main goal for content marketing, followed by 50% on thought leadership and market education and 39% on brand awareness. In terms of metrics used, 64% on web traffic, 59% on views and downloads and 52% on lead quantity and quality. Continue reading 3 tips to a powerful content marketing plan

5 Must-Have That Your Blog Craves

Imagine your blog is your child, and you spend a significant amount of time educating “him” in topics that you are of interest. Once you teach him something, you will go about telling everyone about it: be it through Twitter or Facebook. You feel proud of him but have you ever spare a thought of what your blog really wants?

Here are 5 must-have that makes your blog a class different from others. I will also share a tip or two that I’ve learnt, and I thought it might be useful for you. Give your blog what he deserves today, and he’ll pay you back generously. Continue reading 5 Must-Have That Your Blog Craves