Business with a heart

20121203-233758.jpgDo you still remember my post on having a compelling Brand Story? In that post, I talked about businesses, big or small, having a chance to shine if you have a story to tell; instead of focusing on what you’re selling or, even worse, how cheap your price can be.

Today, I have a story to tell. Not particularly my story, but an event that happened in a local food centre while I was eating my lunch last Saturday. It gave me a strong urge to write this down into my blog. Stories like this would normally go unheard, but today, I’m going to blog about it, to talk about it and promote the beauty of kindness over profit. Continue reading Business with a heart

Supercharge your brand with a Compelling Brand Story

This post originally appeared on the Singapore Business Review, where I regularly contributes articles about leveraging branding in small business.

In a competitive market like Singapore, many businesses are struggling to market their products or services among others. With a limited budget, many business owners will find that branding is a good to have or only for companies that are cash rich.

On another perspective, majority of the people whom I’ve talked to always think that Branding is about having a nice logo design, savvy brochures, stunning advertisements or an interactive website.

Contrary to common belief, branding is not only about a nicely done logo or big budget spending. It is as simple as having a compelling Brand Story.

Use compelling Brand Story to stand out among your competitors

A friend of mine brought me to an ordinary coffee shop two months ago to try this stall selling Bak Kut Teh (a Chinese soup popularly served in Singapore and Malaysia). This stall is quite ordinary looking but my friend told me that the boss actually found this Bak Kut Teh in Malaysia which he really loves. After much consideration, he have decided to not only spend a considerable sum of money to buy the recipe over, he actually spent many months there to learn the skill before setting up the stall here in Singapore. Continue reading Supercharge your brand with a Compelling Brand Story