Personalized direct marketing works

Last week was an exciting week for me. It was a week that marks a new beginning for me as I have joined AdBox Advertising as a Business Development Manager. As I was told, before I took up the job, my key goal is to spear head a new business solution. A solution that help businesses look pass today’s complex and ever-changing communication channels, and to focus on meaningful engagement with their customers.

Frankly speaking, I wasn’t exactly clear what this business solution is all about. Until my first week at work, I finally get a glimpse of what this solution is all about.

AdBox 1to1 MarketingAdBox 1to1 Marketing, as the name speaks for itself, is to take customer communications towards a personalized level and in the right channel. This is a customized marketing solution that is way finer and powerful than usual. Continue reading Personalized direct marketing works