How social is Singapore? Part 3 – Conclusion

Conclusion - How Social are we Singaporean?In Part 2 of the series, I’ve explored the various social media Singaporeans are accessing. In the last part of the series, I will go in-dept on the various social media. Thus, to understand this better, I continued my search hoping to get more concrete data.

As such, I chanced upon Social Bakers’ website which it provides more statistics on the various social media.  I also found out that they have statistics by country for Facebook and LinkedIn and here was what I’ve found. Continue reading How social is Singapore? Part 3 – Conclusion

How social is Singapore? Part 2 – Which social media preferred

On the first part of the series, we now know the average amount of time Singaporeans spent on social networking. My next question in mind was which social media Singaporeans are using. As there isn’t any national level survey done on this, I would need to look elsewhere for the information.

My first stop was to visit StatCounter’s website for a quick glance on how Singaporeans was accessing the various social media websites. The method used by StatCounter was to analyse every page view referred by a social media site and summarize all this facts to get the information. This was the graph I’ve got.

Top 7 Social Media Stats on Jan 2013 Continue reading How social is Singapore? Part 2 – Which social media preferred

Content Marketing Part 1 – The Content Marketing Rises

From my earlier post on “Content has always been King”, I mentioned the growing trend of content marketing. It was a little brief, and I thought I could elaborate it further. In fact, I was planning to break the topic down into a few parts to make it easier for you to read (and for me to write).

Click to see the history of content marketing infographic

You see, creating content has been around since 4,200 B.C., claimed Content Marketing Institute, which the first sign of custom publishing was found in cave paintings. Since then, it has taken endless form of disguises and aliases. So what is all the fuss about content marketing now?

History of digital media

In order to answer this, we need to look back in time to appreciate how challenging it was to create and distribute content. Not to mention that it takes a whole department of journalist, writers and editors to create content. They have to print a massive amount of copies, due to high overhead per print run, and distribute them across the country before it lands in the hands of a faithful reader.

During this period of time, businesses depend heavily on publishers to advertise their product and services. It was seen as an effective way to create awareness… and they do not have much choice to begin with. Continue reading Content Marketing Part 1 – The Content Marketing Rises

Beach party and social media – a perfect match!

I was heading to Sentosa’s Tanjong Beach (in Singapore) for a friend’s birthday last Saturday. Upon reaching, we realized that part of the beach got cordoned off for an event and we decided to crash in. The setting was very much like a beach party where babes in bikinis were walking around, music was playing in background and beers were everywhere. Perfect.

We found a place and settled down. Soon enough, a young lady approached us. She handed us a card which distinctively displayed: “I’m not a TOURIST. I live here leh!” and started explaining how it works:

  1. Using your Instagram account, take a photo with your friends and display this card prominently.
  2. Upon publishing the photo, include the hashtag #notatouristsg.
  3. Once published, stand a chance to win a $500 Singtel voucher.

Simple enough, coupled with the fun of it, we took the photo and did exactly as told.

Continue reading Beach party and social media – a perfect match!

Content has always been King

I have noticed a recent trend in which bloggers starts to write about articles that content is king. I totally agree with this article, Content is King Rant!, that content has ALWAYS been King.

Content has always been King

It’s not surprising for this to happen since, for the past 1 – 2 years, the trend that everyone talks about is Social Media. From the initial craze on how to gain likes on Facebook and followers on twitter to how to engage with fans and crisis management but it is coming a to stage where people starts to realise that it is still the content. Be it a self-generated content or sharing content produced by others, it is the content itself that runs any Facebook page or twitter account.

Not only does generating content allows you to run a successful social media campaign, it also enhances your search ranking. In my earlier post on Search Engine with Social Media, I mentioned that Google Search Ranking now pays more attention to your social media presence as well as your content quality.

Like I always advice my client, focus on creating quality content. Be it video, blog, photos or artwork, you will reap lots of benefits from it.