How social is Singapore? Part 3 – Conclusion

Conclusion - How Social are we Singaporean?In Part 2 of the series, I’ve explored the various social media Singaporeans are accessing. In the last part of the series, I will go in-dept on the various social media. Thus, to understand this better, I continued my search hoping to get more concrete data.

As such, I chanced upon Social Bakers’ website which it provides more statistics on the various social media.  I also found out that they have statistics by country for Facebook and LinkedIn and here was what I’ve found. Continue reading How social is Singapore? Part 3 – Conclusion

How social is Singapore? Part 2 – Which social media preferred

On the first part of the series, we now know the average amount of time Singaporeans spent on social networking. My next question in mind was which social media Singaporeans are using. As there isn’t any national level survey done on this, I would need to look elsewhere for the information.

My first stop was to visit StatCounter’s website for a quick glance on how Singaporeans was accessing the various social media websites. The method used by StatCounter was to analyse every page view referred by a social media site and summarize all this facts to get the information. This was the graph I’ve got.

Top 7 Social Media Stats on Jan 2013 Continue reading How social is Singapore? Part 2 – Which social media preferred

6 LinkedIn Power Tactics

LinkedInWelcome to the world of LinkedIn where you potentially can reach out to more than 150 million professionals in the world, 13.6% of them are in Asia and 0.5 million of them resides in Singapore. These stats are scary to begin with, and it would be really hard to give it a miss.

I assume that you already have a profile on LinkedIn, and you have created a company page for your organization. You have all the information updated and you are ready to do some social media marketing.

In order to make your LinkedIn marketing campaign much smoother, it would be my pleasure to share these power tactics with you. Continue reading 6 LinkedIn Power Tactics